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These are THE must attend events if you are an entrepreneur who has been in business for 2+ years and tends to go it alone. If you primarily keep your head down and do the work YET KNOW THE ABSOLUTE IMPORTANCE OF INVESTING IN YOUR BUSINESS'S MOST IMPORTANT ASSET: YOU, then you will love the community we've created just for you.

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Since becoming an entrepreneur in 2013, Marcia Sheehan, the Founder of the Connector Conference (and multiple other like-focused businesses), has been building communities and encouraging her peers to reconnect with themselves both professionally AND personally. She believes intentional connection of both aspects of a woman's life fosters total fulfillment and significant success in every area of her life.   

The fourth Connector Conference will be held in 2022 and has the same core values of the previous 3 conferences. 

We get you to CONNECT.

Legitimate valuable business connections. 

Even better connection or reconnection with ... 

🤝🏽 women business owners just like you who are also making a huge impact doing their life's work. Everyone associated with our conferences GETS it. We are in the same boat as you and wont sugar coat. We are you and you are us. Together we can stoke the flame or reignite the drive and passion that is needed to be an entrepreneur.

🦄why it is you are doing what you are doing. We ALL need reminders of "the Why" and the opportunity to investigate and celebrate just how much progress we have had with our work.

📈 new mindsets, tips, and strategies to catapult your business to the next level. You can't be an entrepreneur without a growth mindset. So let us add some tools to your toolbox!

The annual Connector Conference gets you to prioritize your success even more by giving you access to:

✨Female leaders and entrepreneurs from various fields

✨Creative tools and strategies to take your personal and professional life to the next level

✨Processes to identify the impact that you want to make

In 2018 the first annual Connector Conference was held in Arlington, VA. Access pics HERE.


The second Connector Conference was held in Reston, VA in 2019. Access pics HERE

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The third Connector Conference was held virtually in 2020. 


If you are interested in involvement in the Connector Conference as a sponsor or scholarship provider please email us