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Since 2015 the Charmed Cardinals secret society has been providing solopreneurs with the opportunity to reconnect to themselves within an engaging community of like-minded women.


In 2018 they launched their first annual Connector Conference that was open for anyone to attend.


Shortly after the 2019 Connector Conference the society underwent some internal changes making membership available to women that are outside of  the DC metro area.


As with all things society, opportunity to attend will be extended to members first. From there, alumni will be invited. Then if there are spots left, we will allow the general public to purchase tickets.


If you are interested in applying to become a member of Charmed Cardinals, please visit the site here


If you are interested in involvement in the Connector Conference as a sponsor, scholarship provider, or potential speaker/breakout session expert, please email us

Each month on the 15th you can feast your eyes on our designated Featured Females. Each issue has one alumni & one Charmed Cardinals society member. Plus, that's where ALL our conference details will first be released {well, after our members then the alumni group...they get access to everything first}. Get on that list here!

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