Learning For Your Earning

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Jen Hemphill

How to Use a Podcast to Grow and Leverage Your Brand

In this experience you will learn:

The quick and dirty podcasting 101 to help you get started (and what you need to know about the infamous download numbers that no one will tell you).

The unique advantage podcasting has over other mediums and why it matters.


The 3 components you must bring to each and every episode.


Three ways to keep your listeners engaged and become raving fans.

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Nicole Maaguo

How to Cultivate Loyal Customers

Historically low barriers to entry mean that most businesses today operate in a highly competitive landscape. The good news is that companies can avoid competitor-induced volatility by building a strong customer base: one that produces financial growth for years to come.  

This experience will teach business owners and professionals how to cultivate deep and lasting customer relationships to build loyal and lifelong customers.  We'll discuss how to cultivate lasting relationships throughout the customer life cycle using an intuitive framework you've already mastered - making friends! 

We'll also give you a chance to practice collaborative customer goal setting to ensure your customer experience aligns with their value expectations.

Nicole Dash.jpg
Nicole Dash

Moment to Movement: Building a For Profit Social Enterprise

Description coming soon.

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Mina Habibi

Play Big and Shine Bright 

with Your Brand

We all know as business owners and entrepreneurs that we are our brand. So how do we hurdle the space from sitting at our desk in our yoga pants to that amazing, energetic totally pulled together Fempreneur that everyone sees on our website, social media and other collateral? Join Mina Habibi, personal branding photographer and portrait artist for this experience to learn how to get those amazing images that pull your brand together in a strategic way.


You’ll walk away with:

• The top 5 ways to determine what your images should show

• How to combine your current branding (or upcoming branding) with images of yourself

• How to think about styling for a personal branding photoshoot

• Strategic ways to use your personal branding images

• How to feel comfortable having your photos taken and more so putting yourself on display.

It’s time to start playing big and shine brightly!

Dr. Indy Alvarez

How to Hire a Rockstar

Description coming soon.