Connect with Your Calling

The Calling's Common Thread

by Kim Creigh of Creative Reading Adventures

Experience Description
What is your calling? In this experience, we will deep dive into your calling and hear from the founder of Creative Reading Adventures. Kim will explain the common thread in her calling, and help you find yours throughout the workshop. While your calling may look different in the various stages of your life,  we will look for your common thread. This experience will consist of journaling and discussion, so please be open to sharing!

Unlocking Your Code: (re)Connecting to Your Passion & Purpose 

by Carin Kilby Clark, MBA of Carin Kilby Clark, Catalyst Coach

Experience Description:

Our potential, potency, and purpose is a product of a (re)union with the parts of ourselves that we often lose as we become adults. In this session, participants will be guided to connect with their hopes and dreams on a deeper level, so that they can experience flow and joy in their daily lives.

Play Big and Shine Bright with Your Brand

by Mina Habibi of Mina Habibi Portraiture 

Experience Description:

We all know as business owners and entrepreneurs that we are our brand. So how do we hurdle the space from sitting at our desk in our yoga pants to that amazing, energetic totally pulled together Fempreneur that everyone sees on our website, social media and other collateral?

Join Mina Habibi, personal branding photographer and portrait artist, for this workshop to learn how to get those amazing images that pull your brand together in a strategic way.

You’ll walk away with:
• The top 5 ways to determine what your images should show
• How to combine your current branding (or upcoming branding) with images of yourself
• How to think about styling for a personal branding photoshoot
• Strategic ways to use your personal branding images
• How to feel comfortable having your photos taken and more so, putting yourself on display

It’s time to start playing big and shine brightly!

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