Connect with Your Creativity

Mantra Necklaces

by Melissa Lew of Melissa Lew Jewelry

Experience Description:

Make your own eco-friendly mantra necklace in this 1 hour painting session; each necklace is made from bamboo and stainless steel. Discover and manifest your intentions and wear them close to your heart.

Your Story as the Bridge to Your Inner Self

by Rachel Nusbaum of Orchid Story

Experience Description: 

When we are unable to process our traumas, big or small, these experiences get stuck in our bodies, affecting our health. In this session we will learn about getting quiet to listen to the stories that exist in our bodies. We will learn about techniques such as restorative yoga to deeply connect to the stories within us. We will also discuss how a writing practice helps us process our stories and connect inward.

Part of the experience will include a writing workshop where we write on a prompt and share our writing within small groups. The experience of hearing our stories aloud helps us to become a more integrated version of ourselves.

Dry Erase Frames

by Lauren Forbes of Craft Box Social

Experience Description:

 At this session, we will create our own unique masterpiece from start to finish. All supplies are provided. Zero crafting experience needed, as all levels are welcome. Let that creative energy flow! Come with a friend to create an experience together or meet new friends at our events. In this crazy world of schedules and routines and deadlines, we could all use a little laid back artistic me-time.  

Creativity Conquers the Inner Critic

by Kaira Boston of Studio Kaira

Experience Description:

Guided creative exercises that provide alternatives to continuing to listen to the inner critic and instead re-connect with their own wisdom so they can move forward from that place instead of out of fear of the inner critic.

Journals and other materials to be provided for completion of the exercises and then as a take home to continue the practice. Any worksheets required will be assembled in the journals.

Why choose this experience? Participants wil gain the confidence of knowing simple yet effective ways to quiet the inner critic which is powerful in their whole life. Oh and they will also be building their creative muscles which again support all pieces of their lives.


3 Specific Takeaways:

  1. Confidence in their selves and their creativity.

  2. A place to continue this practice as it's not one and done which will also include a visual representation to reflect when their inner critic might be getting the best of them upon return to reality.

  3. Ability to stay present in the moment and process instead of focusing too much on the end product.

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