Hypnosis for Self Empowerment

Dianne Rhodes of Inner Horizons LLC

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In case you missed my presentation on Hypnosis Therapy and how it can help you make positive behavior changes, I offer a complimentary phone consultation or in-office consultation in my office in Alexandria, VA.


Hypnosis therapy is used by people every day to make new habits a lasting reality in their lives.


I help people with issues such as insomnia, stress management, weight reduction, smoking cessation, academic improvement, sports enhancement, pain management, fear of public speaking and much more. The holidays are fast approaching!


Wouldn't you like to learn some tools to use to cope with the stress and other challenges that come with the season?


For those who attended the Connector Conference 2018 I am offering a special of $425 for my 4-session package of hypnosis therapy (a $25 savings). 


Offer expires 12/15/18. Call me today at 703-593-1034. 

Dianne Rhodes, Inner Horizons LLC Hypnosis Therapy and Projective Dreamwork.