2018 Inaugural Connector Conference

Presenters & Speakers

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Sara Lewis

Owner of Mix Fitness

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Also known as the Uncool Trainer, Sara takes a unique approach to fitness training.  She recommends eating pizza, chocolate, and wine, but doesn't recommend stretching.  Sara coaches females online as well as in her studio in Round Hill, VA.  She empowers her clients with exercises to make their body resilient.  

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Carin Kilby Clark

Owner of Time To Thrive

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Carin Kilby Clark is a Certified Coach, Mom of three, Published Writer, and Founder of Time to Thrive™. She is on a mission to empower women to live a

full and happy life

on their own terms. 


Rachel Nusbaum

Founder of Orchid Story

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Trained as a genetic counselor, Rachel Nusbaum strives to find places in the world and on the page where science, writing, and healing meet together in a pretty Venn diagram. Rachel likes to listen more than she likes to talk. She wears her heart on her sleeve. Rachel is the founder of Orchid Story where she writes and holds space for women to process their challenging life stories to find freedom and new meaning.  


Rita Goodroe

Rita Made Me Do It

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Rita Goodroe is an international speaker and business strategist helping women entrepreneurs take bold actions to realize BIG results in business so that they make more money in less time in ways that are fun and in alignment with their values!

Rita's clients love how she uses humor and storytelling to break tough topics down into practical, easily implementable, actions and have coined the phrase "Rita made me DO it" to celebrate their many successes!

Prior to becoming a full-time entrepreneur, Rita worked for 13 years as a business attorney.  In 2015, she founded “Women’s Business Garden”, a free community that provides education and community events to women entrepreneurs.  In June 2016, Women’s Business Garden was selected as a change-making community by the United State of Women Summit convened by The Obama White House.

Having built two successful businesses of her own, and helping her clients to do the same, Rita believes that the fastest path to success is by helping others succeed.


Dr. Indy Alvarez

Owner of Athena Alliance

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Dr. Indira Alvarez is an experienced and highly accomplished clinical dispensing Audiologist and entrepreneur. In 2008, Dr. Alvarez opened the first free-standing, independently-owned audiology clinic in the Tampa community.  She built her business from the ground up, with no existing patient base or cash flow.  She was able to grow her business exponentially using boot-strapping, grassroots methods and established an excellent reputation with the medical community. She founded the Athena Alliance to provide training, one-on-one and group coaching to female professionals and entrepreneurs to help them achieve the success they have dreamed of.  

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Lisa Nicholls

Owner of Tira! Strategies

Lisa Nicholls built her first business at the age of 50. She was working in her favorite job, doing ad sales for a small local newspaper, when the paper decided to close. After several uninspiring interviews, Lisa realized that she had skills that would translate well to owning a social media business and she opened Tira! Strategies in the summer of 2010.

Kaira Headshot.jpg

Kaira Boston

Owner of Studio Kaira

Kaira is a mixed media artist that translates the layers of life, dreams, visions and intention into layered art using color, texture, shapes and words which inspires and motivates clients when they see their art to continue making their impact in the world! In addition, she coaches/guides clients through the different life layers with artful exercises and concepts as an expressive art facilitator.

Mina Headshot.jpg

Mina Habibi

Mina Habibi Portrait Artist


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Mina is a photographer, designer, artist, yogi, budding astrologer and all around creatrix.  Her intuitive vision informs her on many levels but none more so than when photographing women and female entrepreneurs, capturing their unique essence to elevate and empower them, their image and their brand. She adores creating innovative art that reveals the magic within her muses. You can also find Mina guiding yoga classes and yoga and astrology combined workshops, and leading women's retreats. When it's time to rest she enjoys cocktails in the garden with her rock star husband, feline paralysis from her cat Lucy and nuzzles time with her other cat Lenny.


Lauren Forbes

Owner of Craft Box Social

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Craft Box Social was started out of Lauren's love for crafting, gathering people and enjoying some creative me-time. Craft Box Social is all about bringing people together to experiment and create, sip some cocktails and meet new friends in a positive, supportive environment.  

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Nicole Dash

Play, Work or Dash

Nicole Dash, owner and founder of Play, Work or Dash, is a proud mom to four, entrepreneur, Realtor, writer, speaker, and passionate advocate for following your dreams.


She started her career as a journalist and copy editor. She also managed public relations and corporate communications for a national franchise company, but in 2006 started a home-based day care business. In 2012, she launched Tiny Steps Mommy, a lifestyle and parenting blog that quickly gained a following and connected her to an expansive group of women-owned businesses. In 2013, she started a digital marketing consulting business that focused on growing community in an authentic way.


Through those connections, she was inspired to open Play, Work or Dash, a coworking space that also offers onsite childcare up to three hours per day. It is where like-minded professionals pursue their business goals with the extra level of support parents desire; a place where you “bring your kids to work.” She also uses her skills and expertise to help families as a licensed real estate agent working with the number 1 rated real estate team in all of Northern Virginia – Debbie Dogrul Associates, LLC

Jen Hemphill Headshot.jpg

Jen Hemphill

of Her Money Matters podcast

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Jen Hemphill, a military spouse & proud bilingual Latina, helps women who are tired of the traditional money advice gain a renewed sense of control, confidence and freedom in their financial life.  She is a Money Confidence Coach, an AFC® (Accredited Financial Counselor), host of the Her Money Matters®  Podcast and author of Her Money Matters: The Missing Truths From Traditional Money Advice. She has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Clark Howard, and USAA and award winning podcasts like SoMoney and Stacking Benjamins.

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Dianne Rhodes

Owner of Inner Horizons LLC

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Dianne Mouchon Rhodes is a Consulting Hypnosis Therapist and Certified Projective Dreamworker. Her lifelong curiosity of how the mind works led her to become trained in hypnosis in 2015.
Using a client-centered approach in her work, Dianne helps people make positive behavior
changes using the powerful tool of hypnotherapy in her office in Alexandria, VA, over the phone and via Skype. She also facilitates dream groups, introducing people to the projective style of
dream interpretation, helping people to deepen their understanding of the messages carried into
waking life via their dreams.

Nicole Maguuo.jpg

Nicole Maaguo

Founder of Cultivate Ink

As Founder and Chief Customer Advocate of Cultivate Ink, Nicole believes that customers are everything.  Helping customers achieve positive ROI on their investments is not only the right thing to do, it's good business.  Cultivate Ink's professional services in project management, software development, and customer success help companies realize the bottom line benefits that come from focusing on customer outcomes.  

Melissa Lew Artist.jpg

Melissa Lew

Founder of Melissa Lew

Melissa Lew started her namesake studio in the beautiful hills of Virginia in 2005. Driven by her love of bold design and bright colors, she creates modern, inspirational fashion and lifestyle accessories in her studio in South Riding, Virginia. She is inspired by the world around her – traveling, exploring the wonders of nature, and her own Chinese heritage. Her designs are meant to inspire and encourage. Her work has received numerous awards; she was named a Made in Virginia 2015 winner by Virginia Living Magazine.

Cordelia Gaffar

Founder of

Work Out Around My Day


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Cordelia Gaffar is an international best-selling published author, speaker, Certified in Sports Nutrition, hostess of  the Replenish Me show , a former corporate accountant, Founder of Workout Around My Day,  and mom of 6. She helps women sweet talk themselves out of the chaos. 
By showing them how to build a sanctuary to to be nourished and energized, they achieve bliss, calm and fulfillment.


Librada Estrada

Librada Estrada Consulting, LLC

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Librada Estrada is a leadership coach, facilitator, and trainer who specializes in providing coaching services to governmental, public health and corporate sectors by empowering her clients to shift their beliefs and embrace their unique leadership style to find fulfillment and success -- both professionally and personally.

A seasoned leader in the public health space with multiple coaching certifications and assessment methodologies at her disposal, Libradais also a respected speaker and subject matter expert in the area of women’s empowerment and leadership development.

As the founder of Si Tú Quieres: The Latina Empowerment Project, Librada uses her own experience as a first- generation Latina to help other women of Latin American descent to unleash their full potential.

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