Building Better Boundaries Group Program

Since our third conference on March 20 was postponed because of COVID-19 and I {Marcia, the Founder of the Connector Conference} was unable to present on boundaries I'm making the opportunity available online!

With the majority of people in quarantine I believe more so now than ever there is an urgent need for clear direction regarding boundaries. Just the past week of seeing people be so disrupted and also *always on* made this decision to bring the Building Better Boundaries online a no-brainer for me.

During the Program We Will:

📝 create your customized boundary board {this includes an org chart of your priorities, the people in your life, social media expectations, daily routines, and more}

🗣 learn language and scripts for boundary pushers

💡 identify and be reminded of the gifts you have and how if you don’t protect them with boundaries, these gifts can become resentments

This Private Pop Up Group Will Be:

🏆 a reminder of how YOU and only YOU are in control of your energy, time, and others access to YOU

🤝 a community for women to share with each other in real time and navigate how to handle pushed boundaries 

🗝 a resource hub

The Logistics:

✨ once you register by paying below you will be emailed confirmation, a couple resources to get you warmed up, and the link for our private Facebook group

✨ the group will be active on weekdays between Thursday, March 26 through Thursday, April 2

✨ prompts, a 20 minute interactive / informative Facebook live by me and check ins regarding the subjects above will be made each weekday ​  

The Extras:

Love the Group Idea But Also Need Some Personalized Attention: 
🎯 have a half hour 1:1 via Zoom with me at the beginning and end of the program for individual attention

Need Some Personalized Attention Not Regarding Boundaries But Something Else I Can Help With {professional or personal concerns you need to hash out}:

⚡️ You can purchase that below and I will email to schedule our hour zoom or phone call. 

Commit Now:

There is absolutely no better time than now to learn how to create boundaries for yourself. Once we are out of this crisis all of the tools and experiences gained in this program will live on within you and you will literally feel in control of your response to other people’s expectations. We can’t fix other people but we can get super clear on ourselves.

Group Program $47

Private Hour with Marcia

Group & Hour with Marcia