4-hour, Virtual, Coaching Intensives

with Rita Goodroe of Rita Made Me Do It

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This is an offer I made to my community a few months back which has since expired but, after talking with a few of you post-conference, I've decided to extend this offer for Connector Conference attendees only!

What is it?  My 4-hour, virtual, coaching intensives!  And right now they are $550 (regular price $1,100)!





Do you freeze up when you think about getting more visible in your business? Do you WANT to be more visible but find yourself overwhelmed at all of the options (speaking, exhibitor tables, groups, social media platforms, community creation, videos, articles, podcasts and more)? Maybe you feel like you ARE being visible but you aren't attracting the right clients (or clients at all).

During this intensive, I will help you:

*Develop your unique message so that you are KNOWN as an authority in your industry

*Get clear on your target market, niche and ideal client so that you really understand them, what they want AND what they want to hear so that you are HEARD

*Create a content/visibility strategy & plan (including content creation, platforms and schedule) that provides value and connects with your ideal client in a powerful way so that you are SEEN

*Develop a marketing strategy you feel confident in

*Uncover your story to advance your mission

*Write your compelling speech (aka your elevator pitch)

Together, we'll get you "Seen, Heard and KNOWN" so that you can work with more people and create a greater impact!


Is speaking a method you currently use to sell your services or products? Do you WANT to build speaking into your business building model? Are you speaking regularly but still not seeing an increase in your sales as a result?  During this intensive, I will help you to speak more effectively by showcasing your expertise and building recognition and appreciation for the value you provide, while getting more people to buy from you!

I will help you:

*Identify the messages that will connect with your audience

*Understand the difference between the 3 types of talks and identify which are right for your business

*Uncover your story and incorporate it into your talks

*Position yourself as a speaker on various social media platforms

*Structure the outline and content for one talk (that you can use as a template for future speaking engagements)

*Understand the difference between a speaking engagement and a webinar or workshop and help you create a webinar/workshop template (that you can repeatedly use in your business)

*Leverage your speaking engagements so you convert more clients

*Create a template to request to speak and draft your talk synopsis to submit on applications for speaking engagements


(Or, if you want to combine both as a full-day, virtual, intensive we can for the same discounted price... just $1,100 instead of $2,200!)


If visibility & speaking have been things that you've wanted to focus on more in your business...If you know that if you could be seen and heard by more that your business would grow...Then you'll want to get in on this.
If you're interested feel free to e-mail me at Rita@RitaMadeMeDoit.com and I'll help you decide if it's the right solution for you!  

If you think you might have a challenge you'd like to work through that doesn't fit into one of these offerings, that's okay - e-mail me and let me know and we'll get you scheduled for a complimentary clarity call!