14-Day Crunch Free Core Training

with Sara Lewis of Mix Fitness

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Your abs feel weaker now that you've had a baby.  But you don't have time to exercise because of said child.  You've tried the plank challenges, but become insanely bored by holding a plank for minutes on end.  Or the core challenges are too hard and you feel like a failure for not being able to keep up with the cool kids.

Enter Crunch Free Core where the workouts take 5 minutes a day.  And you can do them at home.

Plus, the exercises are diastasis- and prolapse-safe.  And some will even incorporate your pelvic floor to help strengthen those muscles.  They are part of your core too!

So, get your core back in shape with this free 14-day core training program!  You'll love the variety of exercises in this program.  You may even improve some pelvic floor-related symptoms like incontinence and low back pain.

14 days to get your core stronger!  Minimal equipment required and video demos of each exercise.  Enter your email here and I'll send you the program instantly!